Rest In Peace, Cooper.

Today we received some pretty sad news. Honey’s first best friend, partner in crime, Cooper aka Coopy-poop-butt, has moved on to dog heaven.  Cooper is embedded in so many fun memories at 6131 Winding Way. We will never forget the good times from that year, at that house, with Cooper and Sara. From Honey and Cooper’s wild behavior in the living room, playing keep away (Honey usually won but no other dog has ever put up a fight as good as Cooper), to their wild hyena mode, chasing each other around the house and back yard, they were always getting into trouble together. In the winter, we would take Cooper on walks in the snow, and the snow would clump into snowballs in his fur, we would spend a good amount of time picking them off of him. Cooper was also a very white dog, and his mom loved to keep him clean and fresh and cute, but Cooper loved getting dirty. He would dig in the dirtiest soil of the back yard and return to the glass sliding door ready to come inside, just smiling with his tongue hanging out, covered in filth. Typical dog. 

After our year at winding way, in 2011, Sara and Cooper moved to Salt Lake City after she finished schooling to be an air traffic controller. It was the saddest goodbye I’ve ever experienced with a friend, I couldn’t even go to the airport, I just sat in my bedroom and cried. There was an emptiness inside of me, and Honey too, I think. They were two of our best friends. 

The last time we saw Cooper, him and Sara had flown to Alaska to surprise Honey and I. We had a great visit with them, Honey and Cooper quickly picked back up their old ways. Talking with Sara tonight, she said just last night she thought about the possibility of coming to Alaska for another visit with Cooper, and now that will never happen.

But one thing is for sure, we will never forget Cooper. He was a crazy little boy, he was Honey’s only bestest friend. Ever since they left, we make a special stop for all the Bichons at the dog park to let Honey say hello, I always ask the owner “is that a bichon”, and when they say yes I always find myself saying “her best friend is a Bichon, she spent the first year of her life with him”, Honey’s forever best friend.  RIP Coopy-poop-butt! 




Big Smiles

This photo was taken last night on our evening walk with the dogs, BEFORE we ran into the guy with the gun.

Big smiles, walks are good, fresh air is good, thanks for that, Mama.


Hey Daddio

a favorite photo taken by my Aunt Joy. A bonfire, the sun, and my Pops!


Getting Out of A-Town

It always does me good to get out of Anchorage. And what better to clear my mind than a cabin in the woods just 15-20 minutes away. Thank you Fairbanks family, for providing us Bethel kids with a serene place to get away (even if for just a day), from the big city.

I love Rainbow Valley because you can’t hear the highway, because I don’t mind squatting to pee and “drip drying”, because there’s nothing better, in my mind, than sitting around a campfire, because the sound of a rushing mountain stream is calming, because my dogs get to be dogs and chew on sticks and run wild, because it brings me back to what really matters for a minute.


Cutest Little Fur Children Around

Tonight, we went for a bike ride. I had bought Honey two new “Chuck-it” balls earlier today (which aren’t cheap), and then forgot them on our outing. We had fun regardless. Also, we are MOVING, yes!! Chase and I went and toured the duplex we’ll be moving into in October, a huge upgrade from our current apartment situation. To be completely honest, I just can’t wait to have a washer and dryer, hallelujah!


Pre-Meet Post: Top of the World

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Natalie Hanson

After Raw Nationals, I committed myself 100% to powerlifting training in preparation for the Arnold Sports Festival Powerlifting meet in February 2014. Not only am I focused on just powerlifting, but I am also working on becoming a better competitor. All my life I played team sports and powerlifting is essentially the first time I have been a competitive individual athlete. Knowing myself mentally and emotionally around training and competition is an essential part of becoming competitive at the level that I am striving for.

This fall/winter I am lifting in 3 meets that are basically back-to-back, with approximately just 6 weeks between each one. That tight schedule has benefits, but also has some downfalls. It is going to get me in touch with myself as a competitor, but it also means I will be peaking my lifts every 6 weeks which is not ideal.

Tomorrow is Meet 1 of…

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Just Getting Started

Today, I decided to start a blog. Neither of my parents have joined the Facebook world, and for certain, my Dad,  is 100% opposed to this idea. So, I decided blogging would be a fun way to share photos and keep my lovely parents in the social media-type loop of my life. Also, I’ve begun spending more time with my “fancy camera”, my Canon Rebel, so as to not drive my Facebook friends crazy with pictures, I will just post them here which will make viewing them more of an option rather than an obligation. And oh by the way, and I just love my Mama’s tundra blueberry pie.